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CIO VendorBob Moul, CEO
With the emerging trend of moving IT infrastructures to the public cloud, Bob Moul, CEO, Cloudamize, explains, “While moving to the cloud provides companies with significant benefits, these benefits are hard to fully realize because the cloud is incredibly complex.” There are millions of cloud configurations for companies to choose from, and the only way to find the right one is through in-depth data analysis. Unfortunately, many companies have typically done this analysis manually, which has been inefficient and prone to error. While watching early adopters struggle with moving to the public cloud, the founders of Cloudamize saw a need for a platform that would enable companies to make informed, accurate cloud decisions through automated data analysis. “As data scientists, our founders knew there was a better way to help companies realize the full potential of cloud and developed Cloudamize as a way to automate truly in-depth cloud infrastructure data collection and analysis,” states Moul.

Cloudamize’s cloud computing analytics platform is an end-to-end solution that supports the entire cloud journey, from assessing cloud options through managing and right-sizing in-cloud deployments. The platform has five modules: Assess, Plan, Migrate, Validate, and Manage. Customers can use Assess to compare precise TCO calculations across cloud vendors and identify their best cloud option. Clients can then use Plan to automatically identify all of their applications, identify which applications to migrate and when, and design a phased migration.

As data scientists, our founders developed Cloudamize as a way to automate truly in-depth cloud infrastructure data collection and analysis

The Migrate module helps users to import their plan into their cloud migration tool and efficiently move workloads to the cloud. Validate ensures application connections are operating effectively in the cloud, and Manage helps businesses to continually improve their existing cloud environment in terms of performance and cost. “Overall, our platform’s data analysis and capabilities help our customers speed and simplify cloud planning, migration, and management so they can maximize the value of their cloud,” says Moul.

Moul further says, “We don’t simply provide spreadsheets of raw data. We analyze our customers’ data and present that analysis and recommendations in a way that is quick and easy for them to act on.” As official partners with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, Cloudamize has helped hundreds of companies find their best-fit cloud, successfully move their infrastructure to the cloud, and save millions of dollars annually. For example, for a large financial company, Cloudamize was able to provide a 42 percent cost savings by identifying its cloud optimal configuration in AWS–which includes optimal instance types, storage options, pricing plans, and network settings.

Offering an end-to-end solution for supporting entire journey in the cloud, Cloudamize has recently added two new modules to its platform. “Through these modules, we have expanded the breadth of our platform’s functionalities, and we’ve expanded its depth by enhancing its large enterprise migration capabilities, which can handle massive migrations of thousands of machines globally,” concludes Moul.



Bob Moul, CEO

Cloudamize is a cloud computing analytics platform that provides actionable data analysis to speed and simplify cloud assessment, cloud migration, and ongoing cloud management