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Cloudnine Realtime:

Creating a Seamless Cloud Experience

CIO VendorRobert Chandler, Founder & CEO
Cloudnine Realtime began as Real Time Bookkeeping, and shortly thereafter, transformed into a QuickBooks hosting company mainly serving accountants. The company realized that customers no longer wanted just QuickBooks hosting; they wanted help in hosting a variety of applications including CRMs, tax, SaaS, office tools, billing, and document management. In response to this, Cloudnine went on to become a complete, outsourced IT department for enterprises. “Today, we provide cloud technology solutions for thousands of companies in all industries around the world,” explained Robert Chandler, CEO and Founder. Continuing, he stated, “Another major technological reality is that people now have multiple devices, so we allow them to access their data from any of these devices, allowing them to work from anywhere.”

Cloudnine’s approach to service clients starts from offering custom cloud solutions. This means that every individual and business prospect receives a one-on-one IT analysis from the company’s cloud consultants. The company offers four different solution tiers—Pro, Pro Plus, Premier and Enterprise—designed for the unique requirements of every client. The solutions help clients of all sizes right from startups, small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), and large scale enterprises, maximize their investments.

Focusing on small to mid-sized businesses are the Pro and Pro Plus solutions that provide the ability to utilize a virtual server, and the freedom to access their data anywhere in the world. Utilizing a virtual server gives customers the flexibility and scalability to add or remove users or resources without having to replace software or technical staff. “We handle all back-ups and updates for our customers,” says Chandler. The Virtual Server Environment not only provides higher security levels but it also eliminates latency as well. On the other hand, the Premier and Enterprise solutions focus on mid to large size businesses, helping them customize their IT environments from the ground up.

We provide cloud technology solutions for thousands of companies in all industries around the world

Users get specialized support and assistance for handling both on premise and cloud IT needs.

Alongside the four tiers, the company has recently launched a new C9 Portal, which allows customers to manage their cloud from a centralized dashboard— giving them complete control over their virtual environments. Clients can add or remove users, manage support tickets, add applications, and see live server resource data analytics–all from a centralized dashboard. This real time control allows customers to spend more time focusing on their bottom line and accelerate their business growth. “The new portal enables clients to view RAM and hard drive space being used, add or remove applications, and pay their invoice,” informs Chandler.

A testimony to Cloudnine’s capabilities is Solve Services, a digital bookkeeping firm serving wineries in the Napa Valley area. Solve Services required a cost effective solution to get off the ground that would allow employees to collaborate anytime and anywhere. Cloudnine enabled Solve Services to run their business remotely with no office overhead. Because of the flexibility and ease of access that Cloudnine provides, they were able to have dispersed clients and employees work remotely, allowing them to increase profits and grow their business.

Adding credence to Cloudnine’s wide array of capabilities is its investment in providing customers with a seamless experience with 99.999 percent uptime and a 10GB network. With 256-bit encryption and two redundant data centers, Cloudnine ensures a high level of security to its clients. Moving forward, the company will continue to provide a seamless cloud experience for its clients. “We are moving towards becoming a complete outsourced IT solutions provider for companies of all sizes and types of industries,” concludes Chandler.

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Robert Chandler, Founder & CEO

Cloudnine Realtime services its users by giving access to their applications, data and exchange services in one central location