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Leveraging the Cloud to Manage IT Services

CIO VendorTodd Gooden, CEO
Technological advancements like Electronic Health Records (EHR), remote monitoring tools, sensors and wearables are facilitating the healthcare sector to serve patients better. However, healthcare practices, particularly emerging to mid-sized clinics, do not want to spend thousands of dollars on upgrading/replacing these technologies every few years. The in-house IT hardware, software and maintenance costs are skyrocketing as well. Many times the onus of fixing IT issues falls on the administrator, who should be busy running the day-to-day operations of the practice. This is where Brandon, MS-based, The Solutions Team steps in with unique solutions that leverage the cloud to manage IT services for healthcare providers. “We currently provide daily hosting services to more than 2,000 healthcare providers and 10,000 users in 33 states across U.S.,” extols Todd Gooden, CEO of The Solutions Team.

The organization’s Hosted EHR solution is a high availability server replication solution, which ensures that the clients’ clinical data is backed-up and stored safely in The Solution Team’s high security datacenters. This minimizes the risk of compliance fines related to data loss or breach and users can do away with hardware costs, in-house support, and an offsite backup Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), while making their data accessible to physicians and staff from anywhere via the internet. In addition, the company’s security team constantly ensures that their customers’ data is protected and security best practices are aligned with the organization’s compliance initiatives under a coordinated framework. “While most cloud solutions providers do not offer a full time security team, ours is outstanding,” said Gooden. “In fact, our director of security was recently invited to develop a Continuing Education Credit program for the legal and healthcare professions for a global insurance organization.”

The Solutions Team also hosts applications from Microsoft Office and Encrypted Email to QuickBooks to file sharing and storage on the cloud—everything an administrator needs to successfully run the practice.

We are switching healthcare clinics to the ‘cloud’ at warp-speed

“We are switching clinics to the ‘cloud’ at warp-speed as the benefits from reduced costs to greater flexibility present an indisputable business case,” remarks Gooden.

Another popular offering from The Solutions Team, Virtual IT, addresses the challenges of ‘bill-by-the-hour’ IT support that invite distractions and cost control issues. “With Virtual IT, we manage a practice’s entire IT infrastructure and support their entire staff for a flat monthly investment,” says Gooden. The solution makes hardware and software recommendations to clients and supports new administrative initiatives. Customers can seamlessly install it and configure it to support end-user applications. Virtual IT also helps clients tackle troubleshooting problems with supported operating systems, software applications, DSL/Cable modems, routers, and wired and wireless network connectivity.

These and other innovations from The Solutions Team are being utilized by healthcare providers coast to coast. In one instance, The Solutions Team helped Lowcountry Urology Clinics (LUC) in Charleston, SC reduce their cost to host and utilize their EMR system. The client was looking to either replace their existing EMR system or find a less expensive way to operate it. The Solutions Team proposed Hosted HER and Virtual IT as budget-friendly alternatives to switch to an entirely new EMR platform. LUC saw a significant reduction in their hosting fees and avoided spending money and time to train their staff to operate new technology.

Forging ahead, with the proliferation of ransomware and cyber-threats, the firm is ramping up its managed security service offering that incorporates programs that manage local assets as well as cloud solutions for clients. “The rise in businesses moving their systems and data to the cloud has increased demand for the special skill sets and technologies needed to ensure the highest levels of security are being provided,” concludes Gooden.

The Solutions Team


Todd Gooden, CEO

Leverages the cloud to offer managed IT services that reduce clients’ dependence on hardware, software and in-house support, while offering greater security and flexibility for users