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CIO VendorHaresh Kumbhani, CEO
Zymr, since 2012 has played a substantial role in accelerating cloud application development through its strong contributions in app development services to successfully produce complex applications that function harmoniously across various domains. The company also works as a trusted advisor to clients on employing curated open source tools to connect multiple tiers of technology into their cloud ready solutions. Zymr covers all aspects of cloud management—from migrating legacy services to cloud to sharpening current cloud strategy to engineering new cloud ready solutions— while maximizing value of each initiative. The company’s initiatives are powered by the Domain Driven Design (DDD) approach that reduces complexity in the cloud projects. “We are a software product development company dedicated to providing engineering services that support disruptive new business models within challenging development timelines,” elucidates Haresh Kumbhani, CEO, Zymr.

Zymr works with clients to select effective cloud architecture, curate open source technologies and develop cloud applications for optimum performance. The company’s teams give clients complete support from planning to execution of the project. Through the company’s design services, clients can build next generation SaaS solutions with attractive user interface and responsive designs across variety of screen formats. Interestingly, Zymr has built ready-to-use cloud frameworks or ‘technology accelerators’ called SantaFe and Cabos that reduce cost, development risk, and improve time-to-market. “We have synthesized and baked key open source components into technology frameworks that ensure and enable all the mission-critical success factors for cloud ready solutions,” says Zymr.

Clients can also augment their SaaS solutions with enterprise grade security deployments to ensure privacy of data. To boost cloud mobility, Zymr offers mobile application development services for building enterprise and carrier grade mobility applications. “Zymr ensures the required level of diligence and attention to detail is applied to each mobile solution it has built for its customers, with a focus on the needs of the customer’s end users,” explains Kumbhani.

We are a software product development company dedicated to providing engineering services that support disruptive new business models within challenging development timelines

Further, clients can manage the entire lifecycle of service delivery using Zymr’s cloud orchestrators that encompass network management, e-discovery and IT Services Management (ITSM). Zymr works closely with several cloud security companies to build robust security solutions covering Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), DLP, advanced data encryption and security compliance. These cloud application security solutions protect web traffic, email traffic and other network flows from any threats.

The company’s success in cloud management can be attributable to its Agile approach towards application development that helps to incorporate customer feedback into the process and make changes without stopping the project. A testimony to Zymr’s expertise in cloud technologies, cloud application development, security and orchestration is Vodafone. The network provider required to extend the features of My Vodafone, a consumer portal, and expand its business model to provide e-commerce services. Zymr leveraged SantaFe with an automated campaign engine for location-aware deal promotion over email and SMS. For the e-commerce tier, Zymr leveraged Magento open-source eCommerce platform to host number of daily deals from merchants to Vodafone subscribers. Vodafone’s My Vodafone eCommerce marketplace delivered high quality platform resulting in a 99.95 percent uptime, meeting their goals.

Moving ahead, Zymr will continue to enhance its services as well as technology accelerators to deliver heightened scalability while remaining cost effective. The company will also focus on boosting its knowledge to deliver cutting edge cloud solutions to a larger client base. “We are constantly enhancing our knowledge and our development, test and DevOps skills through internal hackathons, and through contributions to open-source projects,” concludes Kumbhani.



Haresh Kumbhani, CEO

Zymr offers cloud computing solutions to a global roster of technology companies